Using the ticketing system

An online ticketing system is used to request changes to our web pages

All web content requests or queries should be made through the ticketing system*, including the addition of and changes to calendar events, images, files, noticeboard entries, etc.

* Some Branches/Groups/Divisions submit issues by emailing Member Services (Branches) or the Science Support Officer (Groups and Divisions) as intermediates, who then input to the ticketing system.

The ticketing system
You can log into the ticketing system at

Once you have clicked on the link ‘Access the ticketing system’, you will see the following log in screen:

You can then login using your Branch/Group/Division login details. If you do not have these details, please contact the Member Services (Branches) or Science Support Officer (Groups and Divisions).

Once you have logged in, you are presented with the following screen:

Here you can choose four options:

  1. Document library
    The document library allows you to access documentation relevant to the management of the IOP website
  2. Forums
    The forums allow you to discuss and provide feedback on this support website and the website in general
  3. Knowledge base
    The knowledge base contains information useful to the management of the website
  4. Issue tracking system
    The issue tracking system allows you to raise new issues and view the status of existing issues which you have previously raised. It enables you to report faults with the site, monitor the progress of your work requests and generally correspond with the Web Team in a structured way

To request any changes to your content on the IOP website, please choose the ‘issue tracking system’, by selecting ‘Raise/View Issues’.

From here you can choose the appropriate option and submit an issue.

Please note that all the templates for submitting issues are identical apart from ‘New Web Calendar Event Creation Request’, which is a form and is essential if you wish to add an event to the calendar.

On all templates, required fields are marked with asterisks.

The ‘title’ field in each template is equivalent to an email ‘subject’ field.

The ‘noticeboard’ field allows you to request the update to be highlighted on your noticeboard. See the noticeboard section for more information on noticeboards.

Files such as images or documents can be attached to an issue.

You can send us requests for content updates in a way that is suitable to you. For example, you may choose to describe in detail what update a page requires or you may simply copy and paste the text from the current page, make the relevant changes in a word editor of your choice, and ask us to update the whole page with new text.

Once you have completed an issue, please press the ‘save’ button to register your issue.

Progress of issues
You can log into the ticketing system at any time and check the progress of your issue.

You can also see all previously submitted issues, whether completed or not. The ticketing system keeps a complete record of all issues submitted by you.

You can also click on each issue and look at the ‘issue history log’.

This allows you to see in detail any comments from you or the assigned developer that relate to open or closed issues and the exact dates and times these were left.

Email notifications
You can choose to setup email notifications so that you are notified about the progress of the issue in your email account. This can be done through the Physmail forwarding service. Please see Physmail FAQs for more information on how to set up your personal email account to receive Physmail emails.

last edited: February 09, 2016

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