There are lots of opportunities to volunteer and be part of IOP activities. Whether you’re interested in helping to run a local Branch or a subject Group, getting young people interested in physics or supporting other physicists throughout their careers, there’s a way for you to get involved.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email member.services@iop.org.


Special interest groups

Groups and Divisions

Be at the heart of the physics community by joining one of the 50 member-led Groups


Local physics


Be an active part of the physics community in your region.

Physics Policy

Physics advocacy programme

Physics policy

Explore the ways you can influence physics policy decisions.


Science Ambassadors

Stimulating Physics Network

Support students to deliver physics outreach to primary schools


Satisfy curious students

Physics in the Field

Entertain families with physics at events across the country.

Stand and be counted

Make your mark

Lab in a Lorry

The Institute is run by members - make sure you’re in the running.


Help us grow


Share the benefits of IOP membership by recruiting others.

I’m A Scientist

Satisfy curious students

I am Scientist

Find out what students really want to know about your research by taking part in this online competition.

Lab in a Lorry

Mobile science

Lab in a Lorry

Spend the day inspiring 11-14 year olds with the experiments on board Lab in a Lorry.

Physics for development

Education in Africa

Physics for development

Support physics teaching in developing countries throughout Africa.

Other IOP websites

A digital forum for teachers, technicians and their supporters

CPD & support for teachers of physics in England and Wales

Your guide to physics on the web

Ideas and resources for teaching physics to students aged 16-19

Search for undergraduate physics courses in the UK and Ireland

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