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A Vision for Quantum Technologies in the UK

This IOP report makes key recommendations to accelerate growth in the UK quantum sector.

The UK government is developing a new strategy for quantum technologies. The IOP’s report A Vision for Quantum Technologies in the UK has been compiled to support the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in this work.

The report was created through a member-led process drawing evidence from the IOP’s engagement with the quantum sector through stakeholder events and commissioned research.

It proposes a vision for the UK quantum sector and makes 10 recommendations to enable the realisation of this vision.

A Vision for Quantum Technologies in the UK

November 2022

Download the full report (PDF, 1.86MB)

The report’s recommendations are:


1. Set an ambition for government to fund and lead the development of long-term quantum roadmaps;
2. Incentivise and support start-ups and the research base to spin out more quantum businesses;
3. Establish a network of accelerators linked with venture capitalists and larger businesses; and
4. Establish a research and innovation organisation(s) to deliver the build of quantum technology device demonstrators and commercialisation partnerships.

Ecosystem scale-up

5. Provide greater financial support around IP protection, for both businesses and universities, and broaden the pool of investment at Series B/C and beyond in the UK;
6. Scope out and create small sovereign foundry capability to scale up initial manufacturing of QT devices, components and packaging; and
7. Build on existing strengths to establish the UK as a global leader in quantum standards, test, compliance and certification capability.


8. Require government departments to work together to create an integrated national skills programme for quantum technology spanning all educational stages and retraining.

Wider enablers

9. Set out a policy for international partnerships to draw in key capabilities and build supply chain opportunity; and
10. Seed a broad-based and strategic approach to communications with tailored messages to inspire all in the UK to consider what role they can play in this priority tech sector, and develop a credible narrative to convince skilled people, companies and investors to think of the UK first.