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Major National Science and Technology Facilities in the UK – report

Review highlights the depth and breadth of research these facilities support, the unique capability that they offer and the value they provide. 

The IOP has conducted an independent review of major science and technology facilities in the UK (July 2022). The report, which was authored by Frazer-Nash Consultancy, looks at a selection of major facilities which support the physics community and the parts of the economy driven by physics.

The findings of the review show that the UK’s major national science and technology facilities provide world-leading capabilities for scientific research and technology development, and that the benefit and value of these facilities goes far beyond infrastructure, providing a hub to grow expertise and support industry.

These centres of excellence, located throughout the UK, are being used by academia and industry to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges such as generating low-carbon energy, fighting climate change, improving quality of life, developing advanced manufacturing techniques, and supporting the national space strategy.

Major National Science and Technology Facilities

A review by the Institute of Physics, authored by Frazer-Nash Consultancy Ltd

Download the full report (PDF, 29.8MB)

Top image: Beamline scientist Dr Lucy Saunders working on the powder diffraction beamline I11. Credit: Diamond Light Source Ltd