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Innovation Survey Project

The Innovation Survey Project seeks to understand the conditions that physics-based businesses in the UK and Ireland are currently operating in, what drives them to innovate and what inhibits innovation. This will allow us to work with businesses and policy-makers to unlock opportunities and remove barriers to growing innovation.

The project centres on a large-scale survey of physics-based businesses to find the amount and type of physics-related innovation taking place, the challenges experienced by businesses, and opportunities to increase innovation activity and investment. We have commissioned the CBI to conduct this work.

Findings from the survey will be released later this summer.

To determine what we mean by a ‘physics-based business’, we have built a classification model which categorises standard industrial codes as high, medium and low physics, based on companies’ publicly funded research and development (R&D) activity.

We are also working with a consultant to analyse existing datasets to understand the profile of R&D and innovation across sectors that are involved with different levels of physics R&D, and how this compares to innovation activity in other sectors in the UK. The analysis will use data from the UK Innovation Survey (UKIS), Business Enterprise Research and Development time series (BERD) and Business Structure Database (BSD). Similar activity is being scoped for Ireland.

For more information, please contact Danielle Rawlings, Project Manager.