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Access to research

Open access is a publishing and distribution model that makes physics research freely available to the public online, without restrictions. We believe that universal access to knowledge is vitally important to ensure that physics delivers on its exceptional potential to benefit society.

The routes by which open access is achieved must also preserve the diversity, quality and financial sustainability of the peer-reviewed publishing upon which the research community depends.

Our aspiration: Our publishing services to the worldwide physics community will have further improved such that the number of scientists publishing their research in our journals will grow by 25%.
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IOP Publishing highlights from 2020

  • 105,600 articles published – up 8.5% on 2019
  • 70 million article downloads – up 10% on 2019
  • 1.6m ebook downloads – an increase of 41% on 2019
  • 22% of articles across our entire journal portfolio were published open access
  • 148% growth in the number of articles published in our fully open access journals

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Why scientific publishing matters

Antonia Seymour on the role IOP Publishing plays in creating, verifying, amplifying and curating scientific knowledge. 

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"The sharing of scientific knowledge plays an essential role in delivering social and economic benefits for the world... Our mission is to deliver recognition, impact and value to the scientific community, so the more scientists that we can publish, the more we expand the world of physics."

Antonia Seymour, Chief Executive, IOP Publishing

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