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Limit Less stories

As part of the Limit Less campaign, we have reached out to students, members and the wider public to hear their stories and experiences of studying physics.

Did anyone in your family or school discourage you from studying physics? Were you ever told physics wasn’t for the likes of you?

These were among the questions we asked IOP members and students as part of our Limit Less campaign. The extracts published here are just a handful of the powerful, moving – and often inspirational – responses we have received.

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A Limit Less story: Discovery Planet

This grassroots organisation is supporting young people to change the world as part of its efforts to bring enriching education into disadvantaged communities.

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Student stories

We asked our Qubit readers – 16-24-year-olds currently studying physics at school or university – to share, anonymously, any experiences of being discouraged from pursuing physics.

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Member stories

We asked IOP members to share any experiences of being discouraged to pursue physics.

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Daisy’s story

Experimental physicist Daisy created the Neurodivergent in STEM project. She explains what it’s like to be an autistic woman in physics, and what the education sector and physics community can do to be more inclusive.

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Jamie’s story

Jamie left school at 16 to take on a physics apprenticeship. He discusses why he thinks teachers and parents need to take apprenticeships more seriously – and why classrooms aren’t the best learning environment for every student.

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Krystina’s story

Aerospace engineer Krystina is working on the next generation of super-fast jets. She also mentors girls considering a future in STEM and has created a special pin badge to help raise funds for Limit Less. She tells us why.

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Ramneek CTA

Ramneek’s story

Ramneek, who finished sixth form during the pandemic, explains how her visual impairment made school a constant struggle and how she’s had to fight for her rights every step of the way.  

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Siena’s story

At school Siena was told she wasn’t good enough to study physics. Her autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and dyslexia were dismissed. She reveals some of the prejudice and discouragement she has faced in pursuit of the subject she loves.

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How we can make change happen

To support young people to change the world, we need to limit less and support them more.

No young person should be made to feel locked out of physics. Help us ensure that there are no limits on who can take part.

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