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Infographic text: How to promote good physics on social media

How to communicate physics clearly, engage your audience, and build a following on social media.


Check your sources

Talk to a specialist, or read material written by one

It’s not too tough

Portraying physics as super difficult creates barriers to inclusivity

No jargon

Keep your language clear and simple

It’s not magic

Give proper explanations for the physical phenomena you talk about

Keep it relevant

Make sure your explanations capture the real world

Find the right time

Check the best times to post for your platform

Stay inclusive

Make sure to keep online spaces inclusive and showcase the diversity of physics. Elevate the voices of others

Image sizes (in pixels)

Twitter: 1,200 x 675, and 700 x 800 for two images.

Facebook: 1,200 x 620

Instagram: 1,080 x 1,080

Using images and videos in your posts boosts shares and increases memory retention.

Accessibility considerations

1. Alt text, pic and video descriptions
2. Don’t use special characters or ‘fancy fonts’
3. Ensure text on images is high contrast
4. Keep text large and clear
5. Limit emoji use
6. Subtitles in video
7. Use CamelCase in hashtags, for example #LikeThis
8. Use inclusive language, for example “hey everyone”

Don’t feed the trolls!

Woo you have a comment…

If it’s a nice one, great, give a nice response!

If it isn’t a nice comment, can you educate? If not, it’s a troll, so ignore and block.

If you can educate and they get angry, then ignore and block.

If you educate and they listen, great, give a nice response!