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Limit Less for social media creators

When the hard work of honest physics communicators is buried, but disinformation is pushed to young people and their parents, surely it’s time for a change?

Help tomorrow’s physics students find the genuine information they need through social media.

Logo reads: Limit Less

We want the physics content that young people access online to reflect the positive benefits of doing physics – to both the individual and society – and to show that physicists come in all shapes and sizes.

We know that when young people look to find information, they turn to those they trust. This can include their families and teachers but can also include people they follow on social media.

According to Ofcom, in 2022 more than six in 10 children aged 3-17 in the UK have their own profile on at least one social media app. Ofcom also reported (PDF, 5.98MB) that one in three of the children interviewed aged 10-17 said they trusted social media influencers – a higher proportion than those who trusted other sources such as newspapers (28%).

By creating content that reinforces the positive benefits of doing physics and counters the negative image of physics, social media creators and physicists who utilise the platforms to share content are in a powerful position to help build a thriving and diverse physics community.

You can be part of the change by creating and sharing content that shows that:

  1. Doing physics empowers young people to change the world
  2. Physics is for people of all identities and backgrounds
  3. Physics depends on teamwork and diverse viewpoints
  4. Being a physicist isn’t the only career available to physics students
  5. Physics opens the door to many stable career options, including well-paid jobs that do not require a degree

These resources are to help you and you can always see what’s happening with the campaign on Twitter with #IOPLimitLess.

Improve your social media content

A practical guide to producing online physics content in a way that is appealing and approachable to a wide audience from all backgrounds.

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On this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast, we explain the importance of social media in reaching groups under-represented in physics.

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How we can make change happen

To support young people to change the world, we need to limit less and support them more.

No young person should be made to feel locked out of physics. Help us ensure that there are no limits on who can take part.

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We’ve handpicked videos on a range of topics from across YouTube for you to share.

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We are using the platform to question stereotypes in physics through campaigns such as the standing on eggs challenge.

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