Limit Less in social media

When the hard work of honest physics educators is buried, but disinformation is pushed to young people and their parents, surely it’s time for a change?

Help tomorrow’s physics students find the genuine information they need through social media.

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The use of social media is now a common part of most of our lives. It's not just young people who are consuming more social media content. Their parents and friends are increasing their consumption too.

Social media – just like traditional media – shapes our ideas and influences the decisions we make.

This is why it's important that the physics-related content on social media platforms informs rather than misleads. It should challenge stereotypes rather than perpetuate them. We must also ensure that the people talking about physics on social media platforms are more diverse.

To support young people to change the world, social media platforms must ensure that young people are not limited in their imagination by stereotypes and misinformation carried on their platforms, but are free to explore their opportunities, define their place in society and change the world.

What the IOP wants to see

  • Social media platforms should actively promote accurate physics-based content that represents a more diverse range of physicists.
  • Social media must decouple genuine physics content from fake news and conspiracy theories.
  • Social media influencers should support our campaign by working with a diverse range of physicists to promote their content.
  • The IOP wants more physicists in industry and academia to become active in social media, demonstrating more diversity.
  • More people who studied physics and have pursued other careers should use social media to tell people about the opportunities that were opened up to them by studying physics.
  • Companies should encourage and support their employees who are physicists to take an active role in engaging the public through social media.
  • Social media users are provided with tools to identify bad physics content and to challenge it on different platforms.

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To support young people to change the world, we need to limit less and support them more.

No young person should be made to feel locked out of physics. Help us ensure that there are no limits on who can take part.

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IOP social media good practice guide

Our practical guide to producing online physics content in a way that is appealing and approachable to a wide audience from all backgrounds. This will help us move towards a physics community that is more reflective of our society. And that means better physics.

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