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Inaugural Limit Less parliamentary drop-in event

On 5 July we gave parliamentarians the chance to learn about the Limit Less campaign and how it is supporting young people from underrepresented groups to do physics.

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The Institute of Physics (IOP) held its inaugural Limit Less parliamentary drop-in event in the first week of July, opening just after Prime Minister’s Questions at 1.15pm and running until 4.45pm in Dining Room A, Palace of Westminster.

This was a chance to learn about the Limit Less campaign from IOP staff and also hear real-world stories from teachers and students about their experiences of diversity and inclusion in their schools.

The Limit Less campaign supports young people to change the world by doing physics, focusing particularly on those underrepresented groups who are put off by misconceived ideas they are told about what physics is and stereotypes around who can study it.

They include girls being told that physics is more suited to boys and young people hearing that physics is not for the likes of them due to their ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or social background. The IOP’s Limit Less campaign seeks to change that.

At the event, there was the chance to learn more about the challenges young people face and how you can help in your role as a parliamentarian, whether by participating in debates, asking questions or raising these important issues with your colleagues. There was also an official photographer who swiftly provided photos for use on social media afterwards.

Useful documents

To learn more about the Limit Less campaign, download:

Limit Less for political audiences

To support the young physicists of tomorrow from every background, politicians need to make systemic changes.

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