Limit Less: The Eurekas

School students, no matter what subjects they are into, can help us diversify the range of people doing physics post-16. Read more about our annual competition and find out about the 2022 winners.

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The Institute of Physics’ Limit Less campaign is very excited to announce its latest promotion to help broaden and diversify the range of people doing physics after age 16: The Eurekas.

The Eurekas are an annual physics competition for students aged 11-16 in the United Kingdom and Ireland, where we challenge them to see physics differently.

Whether arty, sporty, musical or into literature and language, science or the humanities, we’re looking for students to show us how they interact with physics in their everyday life, how they see physics as part of the solution to an everyday challenge or global problem, and ultimately answer the question: what’s the point of physics?

Any student aged 11-16 can take part and all entries that meet the criteria will be accepted. Entries can be in any form, such as a video, song, or poem, or a piece of art, sculpture or design.

A judging panel of experts will determine which entries demonstrate exceptional originality and creativity, with £1,000/€1,200 to be won for the winning entry, £50/€60 runner-up prizes and a £250/€300 voucher for school equipment.

Why The Eurekas?

Physics has an image problem. It is often seen as a difficult subject with limited career prospects, studied primarily by highly educated white men – a stereotype mostly backed up by statistics. As a result of this and other factors, the physics community does not reflect wider society – meaning the physics world misses out on exceptional talent.

The Eurekas have been conceived to address this issue and have been developed as a creative project to attract all students, whether they are sporty, arty, or musical, or good at language, literature and the humanities – as well as science.

The under-represented groups Limit Less aims to reach are under-represented in this field, not necessarily everywhere, so we want to be as attractive as possible to a broader range of students.

2022 winners and runners-up

The Eurekas website has full details of the 2022 winners, Frosting Physics, and all the runners-up.

How to get involved

Perhaps you know parents with children aged 11-16; maybe your child’s school would be interested in taking this on; maybe you are part of a membership organisation that would help spread the word; or maybe you are as passionate as we are about inspiring others to see physics differently.

We have laid out some ways to get involved:

  • Find out more about The Eurekas on the website
  • Encourage students or help your child to create an entry;
  • Submit an entry on behalf of a student (as a teacher, parent or carer);
  • Sign up for updates by subscribing to the Limit Less campaign newsletter;
  • Spread the word to your friends and colleagues;
  • Share news on The Eurekas via social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn); and
  • Email [email protected] for more information or if you have any questions.

Check back for details of next years competition.

Watch our video for tips for entries

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