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Infographic text: media guide checklist

Use this checklist to ensure your reporting of physics and physicists is as accurate and accessible as possible. 

Have I called on the right expert(s) for this story?

Have I checked the physicist’s title and job title and used it where appropriate?

Have I used, where possible, comments and quotes from a range of people, and prioritised those from the groups currently under-represented in physics?

Does my reporting pass the Finkbeiner test to avoid gender bias?

Have I avoided using any slang terms or clichés to describe physicists?

Have I used inclusive language?

Have I reflected the contributions of all the people involved in this story/discovery?

Have I shown that physics is more than just maths?

Can my explanations be understood by an interested 12-year-old?

Have I avoided using any claims that aren’t backed up by evidence or go beyond the evidence?

Have I communicated any uncertainty where appropriate?

Does my choice of imagery convey the diverse people who worked on the story/discovery?

Does my choice of imagery avoid perpetuating stereotypes of physics/physicists?

Created for the Limit Less campaign by Alexia Alexander Wright (@MissNeutrino)