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Challenge Fund: Planet Possibility

Project and digital platform aiming to tackle under-representation in physics is backed by the fund.

Planet Possibility is a project designed to attract young people from under-represented groups to, and get more young people to consider, careers in physics in the UK. It is funded by the Institute of Physics (IOP) Challenge Fund.

Planet Possibility is a project designed and run by a consortium made up from charities, universities and business.

It is underpinned by a wide-ranging, pioneering digital platform with engaging and inspiring careers content and co-ordinated programmes of activity run by a team who received £1.9m from the Challenge Fund to help deliver against the IOP’s strategic aim of improving the diversity and the number of young people doing physics in education, research and industry.  

Planet Possibility builds networks of students interested in physics in schools, colleges and universities; gives more young people access to physics specialists and role models; supports teachers to teach physics in engaging and inclusive ways; encourages and develops talent; and promotes awareness of physics-related careers.

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IOP Challenge Fund Planet Possibility logo including a physics graphic