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Due diligence

Information about the checks the IOP will carry out on full proposals.

The IOP will undertake due diligence checks on all organisations invited to submit a full proposal to the IOP Challenge Fund.

This ensures that, if successful, your project can begin as quickly as possible once the award is confirmed.  

The purpose of the checks is to: 

  • Determine the level of risk attached to awarding funding to your organisation.

  • Highlight areas where, if your proposal is successful, additional support might be required. 

  • Ensure that the IOP works with partners who uphold the same high standards of conduct.

The IOP’s due diligence process focuses on three main areas:

  • The legal status of your organisation.

  • The status of those with legal responsibility for your organisation.

  • The financial capacity of your organisation.

Other areas, such as your ability and capacity to carry out the activities described in your proposal, will be assessed via your response to questions in the application form. 

Further information on the due diligence process will be provided if your application is shortlisted for an interview.