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Stories from physicists helping to tackle COVID-19

Showcasing stories from physicists who are using their physics knowledge to help tackle some of the many challenges COVID-19 brings.

Many physicists have been using their physics knowledge to tackle COVID-19 at a local level. Read their stories here.

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Professor Desmond Gibson: Development of cutting-edge technology for use in non-contact thermometers

IOP Fellow, Professor Desmond Gibson, discusses how he and his colleagues have developed innovative thin film technology that will be used in non-contact thermometers, measuring and detecting a main COVID-19 symptom.

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University volunteers help build thousands of face shields for local NHS workers

Volunteers from the University of Exeter have teamed up with the local community to build thousands of disposable face shields, to help protect frontline NHS workers during the COVID-19 epidemic.

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Mark Wrigley: 3D printing headbands for medical visors

Mark Wrigley, Yorkshire Branch Chair, shares his story of responding to the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) by 3D printing headbands for medical visors from his kitchen table.

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