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School resources to address gender imbalance

These resources are shaped by research and help schools to address gender imbalance and promote equality.

For the whole school

10 inclusive tips for teachers guidance document containing graphics

10 tips for teachers poster

Inclusive teaching: 10 tips for teachers is a poster suitable for display in staff areas. 

Download > (PDF, 67.1KB)

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Gender balance action guides cover

Action guides

These action guides give ideas for tackling gender balance on a personal level, within the classroom and for the whole school:

Introduction > (PDF, 576KB)

Early learning and childcare centres > (PDF, 700KB)

Primary schools > (PDF, 328KB)

Secondary schools > (PDF, 320KB)

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Improving gender balance case studies. Countering gender stereotypes in schools and early years education.

Case studies

These case studies describe actions developed by practitioners from early years to secondary.

Download > (PDF, 1.5MB)

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Posters and postcards for raising awareness around school

Posters > (PDF, 7.75MB)

Postcards > (PDF, 3.51MB)

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Classroom interactions template

This template gives a framework for monitoring interactions with female and male students in the classroom.

Download > (PDF, 503KB)

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Gender stereotypes and unconscious bias booklet

An introduction to gender stereotypes and unconscious bias and their effect on young people. 

Download the booklet > (PDF, 205KB)

Further reading and references > (PDF, 532KB)

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Gender Action programme

An award programme created in partnership with King's College London, UCL Institute of Education and the University Council of Modern Languages, has a collection of resources, reports and guidance to help challenge gender stereotypes in schools. 

Go to the collection of resources.

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10 tips for teachers poster

Inclusive teaching: 10 tips for teachers is a poster suitable for display in science zones.

Download > (PDF, 66KB)

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Inclusive learning checklist

The inclusive learning checklist is a set of questions designed to help science teachers record and extend their gender-inclusive practice.

Download > (PDF, 508KB)

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