Other IOP websites

Other websites produced by the Institute and IOP Publishing.

The Institute is responsible for a wealth of physics resources on the web. This section describes the full range of IOP websites.

The Institute's online member network where you can get in touch with other IOP members, join discussions and join any of our specialist groups.

Physics.org includes a database of over 4,000 physics sites, commonly asked questions about physics, and information about studying or careers in physics.

Physics World
News, views and information for the global physics community.

Stimulating Physics
The Stimulating Physics Network provides support for all secondary schools and bespoke programmes for 276 secondary schools throughout England.
TalkPhysics screenshot
TalkPhysics is our digital digital forum for teachers, technicians and supporters. Discuss ideas, share advice and discover resources for teaching physics.

Physicsnews Twitter
Join us on Twitter for regular physics news and updates from the Institute and the global physics community.

IOP Blog
Daily physics news round-ups and events from the physics community.

Join our Facebook community for regular physics news updates.

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