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The Discovery of the W and Z Particles; unifying two of nature’s forces
29 September 2010
Theories developed in the 1960s and 1970s suggested that these two apparently fantastically difference forces were “unified”: they were aspects of the same interaction. The key prediction of the theories was that two particles, which had never been seen, should exist. Peter Kalmus participated in an experiment at CERN which discovered these particles. He has won prizes and an OBE for this discovery, and for his outreach work in bringing physics to schools and the public.

Starbursts - the juicy sweets of the universe
14 April 2010
Modern astronomy is concerned with understanding the evolution of the Universe. Dr Mark Westmoquette discusses how starbursts are defined, where they are found, what they are made of, and what consequences they have for their host galaxies and the Universe as a whole. 

Materials' issues for nuclear generation 
24 March 2010
Prof. Chris Grovenor describes the work using the latest generation of analytical techniques to study key degradation mechanisms in a number of different classes of nuclear materials.

From lodestone to spintronics and magnonics 
10 February 2010
Prof Peter de Groot describes how magnetic materials have helped to shape our world, in data-storage, magneto-optical devices, high-power electromotors, etc, and also in our understanding of many-body systems.

Man-made materials: Blessing or curse
27 January 2010
Dr Barbara J Gabrys questions whether man-made materials have increased global prosperity or whether their success has a more sinister side.

The route to laser fusion energy - creating a star on Earth 
14 October 2009
Prof. Mike Dunn discusses laser fusion energy and the HiPER project
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