Galileo: An educational film

An educational film dramatising the life of Galileo and his scientific discoveries. A useful resource for teachers. Please see our complimentary 'Science lesson videos' for more theory.

2:15 - Scene 1: Of Mice and Pendulums. Pisa Cathedral, Italy, 1583
7:50 - Scene 2: The Feather and the Weights. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, 1590
14:55 - Scene 3: The Spyglass. Optician's Shop, Holland, 1608
21:15 - Scene 4: Galileo's Star Party. Galileo's Garden, Padua, Italy. 1609
36:10 - Scene 5: A Visit From the Pope. Galileo's Garden, Florence, Italy, 1633
51:00 - Epilogue: The Space Probes. A student's room, Lancaster University, 2009

To download the video in three parts, right click the links below: 

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