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Speeding spinner


Speeding spinner


What you need:

Two ball bearings

Large rubber band


Two paper clips



Wind a paper clip into a spiral, tie one end of the rubber band to it and glue it to a ball bearing. Do the same with the other end of the band.

Holding one ball bearing, rotate the other until the band is wound up. Keeping the ball bearings together, drop them onto a smooth surface.


Results & explanation

The ball bearings spin, speeding up as the band unwinds. Then the band contracts, winding up the other way. The cycle repeats, with the bearings spinning in the opposite direction.

The twisting in the band makes both bearings turn, so they roll round. When the band has untwisted they're moving so fast that they overshoot, making the band wind up the other way, which slows them to a pause.


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