Marvin & Milo

Mirror magic

Mirror magic

What you need:

A large framed mirror

Two firm supports to hold it up

A person to watch you



Stand the mirror upright so that it just reaches the top of your legs. Hold it in place firmly with two supports - make sure it can't fall over.

Point your finger at the mirror - what do you see? How far behind the mirror does your finger appear to be?

Straddle the mirror with one leg behind the mirror and one in front. Keep the leg behind the mirror on the ground and lift the one in front.


Results & explanation

To an onlooker it will seem as if you're floating or flying!

A mirror reverses the direction in which an image points in and out of it.

People see the outside of your real leg lifted up and an image of the inside of it, so to them it looks like two legs lifted up.


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