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Business and innovation

QLM Technology

Founded at the Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre at the University of Bristol, QLM is developing innovative low-power tuneable diode LIDAR gas imaging systems based on infrared single-photon detection. QLM aims to produce a low-cost platform of gas imagers that enable continuous and fully automatic greenhouse gas emission monitoring to help natural gas producers, distributors, service providers and environmental agencies limit climate change.


Fugitive natural gas emissions are a major source of greenhouse gases that could be rapidly reduced if they were detected.

QLM Technology illustration

But existing detection technologies are expensive and require trained operators, so inspections remain intermittent and incomplete and large leak ‘super emitters’ dominate emissions.

QLM is a start-up in Bristol developing innovative gas leak cameras to meet this need.

Its tuneable diode lidar imagers are based on mature telecommunication technology and innovative high-speed infrared single-photon detectors.

Its practical, compact, wide-area, low-power imagers provide long range (>100m), accurate and continuous gas imaging and leak measurement in industrial environments over a wide range of conditions.

QLM is actively engaged with the National Physical Laboratory emissions metrology group and multiple natural gas service and equipment developers and end users on advancing and integrating designs and algorithms into rugged gas leak ‘security cameras’.

These security cameras are capable of continuously monitoring methane, the main constituent of natural gas and the second biggest global greenhouse gas, and other gases such as carbon dioxide, ethylene and carbon monoxide.