Women in University Physics Departments

A Site Visit Scheme 2003–2005

Women in University Physics Departments

The Women in University Physics Departments site visit scheme was set up by the Institute of Physics in 2003 and ran until 2005. The idea of the scheme was to allow an external panel of visitors to spend a day in the department to investigate its “gender friendliness”- that is, how welcoming it was to female students and staff.

The Institute contacted every physics department in the UK and Ireland, and 40% of these requested a visit. The visiting panel spent a day in the department talking to both staff and students. Each visit was followed up with a confidential written report sent to the head of department highlighting good practice, as well as areas that could be developed.

The individual reports formed the basis of an overall report on the scheme, which highlights issues and recommends good practice, without identifying any particular institutions.

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