From science to business

A guide to the IOP's work on teaching entrepreneurial skills to the developing world.

From science to business: Teaching entrepreneurial skills to the developing world

Science doesn’t exist in a bubble. In times of economic turmoil, it is vitally important to translate scientific knowledge into commercially viable enterprises, which can bring prosperity to local communities and, in the longer term, entire countries.

The IOP knows this well – in the UK, we champion the invaluable contribution of scientific research and physics-based innovation and business to the growth of the economy. In many ways, countries in the developing world have even more to gain.

The shift from scientific research to business application is not a straightforward one, and it requires additional skills that are not automatically included in a scientist’s training. IOP’s entrepreneurship workshops actively address this knowledge gap, to the benefit of scientists and engineers all over the developing world.

This booklet gives further information on the workshops, including several case studies of entrepreneurs around the world who have benefitted from taking part.

last edited: June 26, 2018

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