Publications: 2010

Publications and reports from the Institute of Physics during 2010.

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Expand: Physics at A-level/Higher
A leaflet for students considering their options at age 16
Physics an investment for the future
The Institute of Physics’s manifesto for the 2010 UK General Election.
Survey on Childcare
Survey on Childcare
Institute of Physics report into the major issues that its members face in accessing childcare and the effect that becoming a parent has on their career.
Survey of Academic Appointments in Physics 2004-2008
Survey of Academic Appointments in Physics 2004-2008
Following two previous surveys carried out in 1999 and 2004, the Institute of Physics commissioned this survey to determine the current state of the academic physics community in the UK and the Republic of Ireland
Nuclear physics and technology - inside the atom
Nuclear physics and technology – inside the atom
How research into the atomic nucleus is improving our lives and helping the planet
Exoplanets – The search for planets beyond our solar system
Exoplanets – The search for planets beyond our solar system
The discovery and study of planets orbiting stars other than our Sun – exoplanets – is one of the most exciting scientific challenges for the 21st century
Diversity in University Physics: Statistical Digest 2010
A concise overview of the diversity profiles of academic staff in university physics cost centres in the UK, based on HESA data 2007/08.
Promoting physics, supporting physicists
An overview of the Institute of Physics 2010
Physics in a changing world
2009 Annual Report
Follow-up Study of the Finances of Chemistry and Physics Departments in UK Universities
This report follows-up individual studies of chemistry (based on 2002/03 data) and physics (based on 2003/04 data), detailing the finances of a sample of chemistry and physics departments using 2007/08 data on income and costs.
Engaging with Girls – an action pack for teachers
This resource is for teachers interested in encouraging more girls to continue with physics post-16. Contains a suite of resources.
Girls into Physics: Action Research - A practical guide to developing and embedding good classroom practice
A practical resource for teachers interested in understanding and removing the barriers to girls in physics through a practice-based inquiry process. This publication is included in the action pack for teachers.
Exploring Physics, Uncovering Choice
This workshop pack of activities is for school staff to work together in providing a consistent approach to careers advice and guidance in their school.
A guide to the Higher Education and Research department
The Department of Higher Education and Research falls within the Education and Science Directorate of the Institute. Find out more.
IOP Diversity and Inclusion Programme Strategy 2010 and beyond
The Institute's 2010 Diversity and Inclusion Programme strategy

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