UK physics A-level entrants by gender 2010–18

Physics Entrants Gender 2018

What does this data show?

The number of girls taking A-level physics in 2018 is 8384, representing 22.2% of all entrants in the subject. This is larger than in 2017 where females made up 21.5% of entries to physics, and is the highest proportion of female entries since 2009.  

The number of girls taking A-level physics has increased since 2010, and the 8384 girls taking physics in 2018 represents a 6.9% rise on 2017 numbers. Since the early 1990s, the proportion of girls  in the A-level physics cohort has not fallen below 20.7% but not risen above 23.1%. The number of girls studying physics fell almost every year from the early 1990s, falling to a low of 5960 in 2006, and since 2007 has increased annually by an average of 3%. The number of boys has also risen by an average of 3% over the same period.

The proportion of girls taking biology is higher than boys, with 63.2% of the cohort female in 2018. In chemistry girls also surpassed boys in 2018 as 52.8% of the entrants were female, up from 50.9% in 2017. The only subject to have a smaller proportion of girls than physics in 2018 was computer science, where females made up only 11.8% of entrants.

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