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Environmental policy

The IOP is promoting physics-based climate change science in parliament’s Evidence Week

3 November 2021

As COP26 is under way in Glasgow, the IOP is taking part in Evidence Week, a week-long event to promote the role of science and evidence in policymaking. The 2021 event focuses on the evidence behind climate change.

This annual event, hosted by Sense About Science, brings physics evidence and experts to the heart of Westminster to discuss how the science supports the UK’s Green Recovery and Net Zero targets.

Across the week in parliament, the IOP will be meeting and engaging with parliamentarians to raise awareness of the role of physics in reducing climate change; from climate monitoring and evaluation to impact mitigation, such as the transformation of infrastructures and the development of clean energy and next generation green technology.

Physics-based knowledge, research and innovation, and technologies drive and underpin the UK’s progress to transforming to a Green Economy. Read our briefing (PDF, 192KB) on the activities the physics sector is undertaking to support the UK’s climate targets.

Read the IOP’s climate change position statement (PDF, 139KB).