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Policy and funding

Policy statements and consultation responses

We work on the key policy issues which impact physics, from school education through to research and innovation.

The IOP provides an active and authoritative voice for physics.

We work on the key policy challenges facing the UK and Irish physics communities, and supply timely, evidence-based scientific advice and analysis to governments and other agencies.

Find out about our work in the following policy areas, and contact [email protected] for any queries.

Education and skills

The IOP is passionate about promoting physics education and the benefits of a career in the sector.

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Climate and energy

Physics has a key role to play in creating the greener energy and technology of tomorrow.

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Equity, diversity and inclusion

Through our work we aim to cultivate a diverse and inclusive physics community, to increase representation at all levels.

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Brexit and international relationships

The IOP believes international collaboration and funding can benefit the UK economy, and that these relationships can help to meet the Grand Challenges.

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Research and innovation

The IOP promotes the benefits of R&D and the innovative technologies of tomorrow, and campaigns for a well-resourced, easy to navigate physics landscape.

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Government announcements

Read the IOP's position on key government announcements from the UK and Ireland.

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IOP publications

Our publications highlight exciting new areas of research in physics and show how physics is integral to science and society.