Physics Advocacy Programme

The decisions made by governments in the UK and in Ireland impact on physics wherever it is found.

They affect the recruitment and retention of specialist physics teachers, as well the curriculum itself. They determine the amount of money available for scientific research, impinging on the UK’s skills base and international competitiveness. And they shape the fiscal and regulatory landscape in which innovative physics-based companies carry out their business.

The Institute wants those responsible for such decisions to make the best choices for physics. We therefore work to influence the view of policy makers and communicate the value of physics through publications, events, and direct representations to parliamentarians and civil servants.

To facilitate member involvement in our work, several of the Institute’s activities have been brought together as the Physics Advocacy Programme. There are a number of ways to get involved in helping to influence physics policy:

Continuing Professional Development
The Institute offers its members a range of professional-development opportunities. We also provide clear guidance for members on how to document and evidence their experience of working to influence policy, and work towards Chartered Physicist status.

More details are available from the website’s Professional Development pages.

Consultations and reports
The Institute responds to consultations by government and other organisations in policy areas relating to physics. Recently submitted consultations are available from the policy section of the website.

IOP also publishes authoritative reports on areas of physics and physics policy, and collects statistics to help ensure that our arguments are backed by solid evidence.

To sign up to receive information on opportunities as they arise, please email

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