The First International Day of LGBT+ People in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths

July 5th, 2018 #LGBTSTEMDay

The IOP are supporting the first International Day of LGBT+ people in science, engineering, technology and maths, launched by the groups Pride in STEM, House of STEM, and InterEngineering. This will be called LGBTSTEM Day, and it will be celebrated on 5 July 2018.

The group believe that a day of recognition could go a long way towards helping raise awareness and to increase support for LGBT+ people working in STEM. The IOP and organisers want this to be a new and important component of the global push to increase diversity and inclusion in STEM.

A survey from the American Physical Society shows that life out of the closet in academia in America can still be challenging. About a third of LGBT+ people are advised to stay in the closet if they want to advance in their career. The situation is even more challenging for trans and gender-nonconforming people, with about half reporting having experienced harassment.

New research, published in Science Advances, showed that sexual minority students in STEM were 8 percent less likely to be retained in STEM compared to heterosexual peers.

We are keen for LGBTSTEM Day to improve the visibility and representation of LGBT+ people in STEM, help everyone access and share resources and build a stronger LGBT+ community. By making a bold statement of support, this special event can help make a significant step towards achieving this goal.

The event is supported by The Institute of Physics, Science Gallery, Ecsite, the CERN LGBTQ group, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Wellcome Trust, and others.

How to get involved
There are many ways to promote and support LGBT+ people in STEM. You can start by following and contributing to the #LGBTSTEMday hashtag on social media, share stories, images and videos of yourself or your role models, and help boost the visibility of other LGBT+ people in science, tech, engineering, and maths.

If you or your organisation wants to get involved, download the LGBTSTEM Day Toolkit or get in touch via email or on social media @PrideInSTEM, @houseofstem, @InterEngLGBT.

About the organisations
Pride in STEM is a UK-based charitable trust working to promote and support LGBT+ people working in STEM.

House of STEM is an Irish-based Network dedicated to connecting and supporting LGBTQ+ scientists in the Republic of Ireland.

InterEngineering is an organisation dedicated to connecting, informing and empowering LGBT+ engineers and supporters

LGBT+ physical sciences network
The Institute of Physics has teamed up with the Royal Astronomical Society and the Royal Society of Chemistry to help coordinate the LGBT+ physical sciences network. The network’s steering group comprises representatives from all three learned societies as well as SEPNET and Stonewall, and aims to connect the LGBT+ physical sciences community. You can sign up to the network online.

The network is currently running the first UK and Ireland survey of the working, teaching and studying climate for LGBT+ physicists, astronomers and chemists, and those in related sciences. Take part in the survey and share with friends and colleagues, the survey will be open until 30 April 2018.

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