Membership Diversity Survey

As a scientific society whose aim is to promote physics and bring physicists together, the IOP needs to ensure that it is representative of the whole population of physicists.

From a diversity and inclusion perspective, this means that the Institute should aim to be fully inclusive and to act, and to be seen to act, as a place where all members or potential members can participate fully in its activities.

In 2011 the IOP undertook a survey of its UK membership to understand their diversity profile and compare this with population of the UK and those who work in science.

Summary of results:

  • All UK-based IOP members were asked to complete a short online diversity survey covering Age; Gender; Ethnicity; Disability; Religion/Belief
  • The response rate was 23%
  • 73% of respondents were male and 26% were female
  • Almost half (46%) of survey respondents were under 30. The age profiles were similar to the IOP’s UK membership profile as a whole
  • The majority of respondents were “White” (87%) with the next largest group being Asian, Asian British or Asian Irish (6%)
  • Compared to the UK national profile and with the populations of those working in SET, there was more ethnic diversity amongst our survey respondents
  • Almost 6% of respondents declared that they had a disability, lower than estimates of those in the populations of those of working age, those in employment and those employed in SET
  • Almost 54% of respondents reported that they had ‘no religion or belief’