Juno renewal process

Juno Supporter renewal
A Department’s Juno Supporter status is valid for two years. Departments will be allowed ONE renewal at Supporter level, after two years, with the expectation that they will submit for Practitioner before this renewal expires (i.e. within four years of becoming a Supporter).  

Departments are expected to engage with the Juno programme as a Supporter, by attending Juno workshops, discussing progress with the Diversity Team or requesting an informal visit.

Should a department not submit for Practitioner within four years of becoming a Supporter (subject to exceptional circumstances), they will be removed from the list of Juno Supporters.

Juno Practitioner renewal
Departments are granted Practitioner status for two years. They will be allowed ONE renewal at Practitioner level, after two years, with the expectation that they will submit for Champion before the renewal expires (i.e. within four years of becoming a Practitioner).

Departments are expected to promote their Practitioner award, within the department, university and nationally. The Diversity Team may ask Practitioners to contribute to workshops, share good practice and provide case studies for use on the web.

Juno Champion renewal
Departments are granted Champion status for three years. They are expected to renew this every three years.

In order to renew their Champion status, a department will be asked to submit an updated Action Plan to a Juno Assessment Panel meeting in the year that their Champion status expires. The Action Plan must identify the progress made since the last plan and identify a new set of ambitious actions for the following three-year period.

Representatives from the department will then be invited to the Juno Panel meeting to give a short presentation on their Champion progress. The Panel will ask questions on the Department’s action plan and progress as Champion. Following discussion, the Panel will decide whether to grant the renewal and Departments will be informed as soon as possible.  

Once a department has achieved Athena SWAN Gold, they will be asked to send their Gold renewal paperwork to the Juno panel as a matter of courtesy and for benchmarking and identification of good practice, but will no longer be specifically required to renew Champion.

If you would like further information or to discuss the renewal process please contact us on diversity@iop.org.