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The IOP Policy Centre provides an active and authoritative voice for physics. We work in all areas that affect physics, from schools education through to research and innovation and supply timely, evidence-based scientific advice and in-depth analyses to governments and other agencies.

The IOP's membership is a unique source of expertise, which informs all of our policy activities and all policy statements and positions are agreed by the Council of the IOP.

Policy statements and consultation responses

The IOP aims to respond quickly and effectively to consultations and to supply evidence-based advice and in-depth analysis of physics policy to governments and other agencies.

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Policy news

Physics: investing in our future – powering the new industrial era

30 March 2022
Our research and development blueprint will ensure the UK secures a leading role in developing key scientific technologies, and through this harvests the substantial societal and economic benefits such leadership offers.

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The IOP is promoting physics-based climate change science in parliament’s Evidence Week

3 November 2021
As COP26 is under way in Glasgow, the IOP is taking part in Evidence Week, a week-long event to promote the role of science and evidence in policymaking.

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Autumn Budget and Spending Review 2021 – IOP analysis

29 October 2021
The package of government spending will go some of the way to supporting physics-based industries, but any lag in meeting STEM investment targets will threaten the progress of UK innovation.

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The impact of the APPG on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) in STEM’s recommendations

20 July 2021

In early 2021 the APPG for Diversity and Inclusion in STEM launched an inquiry into equity in the STEM workforce. Sarah Bakewell, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, talks about where the key recommendations of the STEM workforce inquiry could have most impact.

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Physics and the Economy – our latest findings

13 April 2021
Measuring the size, shape and performance of the physics industry is crucial to understanding how the sector contributes to the UK and Irish economies, and its potential role in the future. We are refreshing our analysis.

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IOP’s action plan for higher education reform on island of Ireland

17 March 2021
A fantastic response from the physics community helped to shape the IOP’s submission to a wide-reaching Royal Irish Academy consultation.

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Workforce Skills Project

The project is designed to develop a more detailed picture of the UK and Ireland’s physics-related skills requirements. Now includes our full report.

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Achieving open access in physics – joint statement

15 December 2020
Physics societies including the IOP have united in support of open access.

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What the Spending Review means for physics in the UK

27 November 2020
The IOP responds to the UK government’s one-year Spending Review, announced this week. Here we consider how this latest financial settlement is likely to affect our sector in the UK, including research and development, innovation, and education.

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REF 2021: Call for nominations for sub-panel members and impact assessors

17 April 2020
The four UK funding bodies are inviting nominations for further members and assessors for the REF 2021 sub-panels.

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Physics following a ‘no deal’ Brexit

10 September 2019
Will a ‘no deal’ Brexit affect the UK physics community and what steps are being taken by the UK government and the EU to mitigate negative consequences?

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IOP hosts science and technology investment roundtable

27 June 2019
The Institute of Physics and Industry Forum recently co-hosted a roundtable with Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury Peter Dowd MP, to discuss Labour’s plans for investment in science and technology.

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