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Physics in the Spotlight: register to boost the green economy

Register now to attend the IOP Physics and the Green Economy summit, 22-25 November, part of the Physics in the Spotlight series.

Progress in physics depends on collaboration – and, as physics has a critical role to play in issues from climate change to food security that will define our global future, the value of that collaboration is greater than ever.

To help foster new links and new understanding, the IOP hosted its first Physics in the Spotlight event in October 2019. Over four days at the IOP’s flagship King’s Cross home, more than 250 physicists from the UK, Ireland and beyond came together for a wide range of discussions, debates, panel talks and knowledge-sharing sessions.

“We launched Physics in the Spotlight because physics has so much to offer to urgent global debates, but it’s also easy to feel you only have time to focus on your role, your research, your specialist field. I hope that this event can help people feel a greater sense of freedom and a greater sense of opportunity.” Anne Crean, Head of Science and Innovation, IOP

An event to inspire connections

This year, join researchers, innovators and engineers across the physics community to explore Physics and the Green Economy at the four-day summit from 22-25 November.

The hybrid summit includes more than 10 events exploring how physics and physicists can help to create a thriving low-carbon, environmentally friendly and socially inclusive economy.

Events are led by representatives from the IOP’s 51 special interest groups.

Early career physicists play a vital role in this ambition and there is an opportunity for early career physicists to submit abstracts to present their research at the summit.

Register now for the Physics and the Green Economy summit, 22-25 November 2021.