Physics for everyone

Host a public lecture, event or activity to explain why physics is for everyone.

How our members bring physics to life

Last year, our network of members brought physics to half a million people at venues all over the UK and Ireland. Activities included:

  • live physics experiments at fairs and festivals
  • lectures and talks on subjects ranging from astrophysics to artificial intelligence

Resources to help you promote physics

You can find lots of physics outreach and engagement activity ideas on our website.

For more information about running activities please check IOPConnect.

Activities through your local branch

You can also join public engagement and outreach activities through your local branch.

Funding for public engagement

Each of our branches offer small grants of up to £1,000. Contact [email protected] to find out more.

Our Public Engagement Grant Scheme offers up to £3,000 to support physics-based activities. Find out how to apply.

More information

Email: [email protected]