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Affiliated societies

We are proud to support the work of university student physics and astronomy societies throughout the UK and Ireland and welcome applications from student societies that wish to become affiliated. Like us, university physics and astronomy societies can be the bridge that enables students to develop as people and make the most of opportunities at university better preparing them for their next steps, wherever that may be.

Why affiliate your society with the IOP?

We support physics university societies around the UK and Ireland by promoting and funding their events, offering advice and, where possible, helping to source speakers. Affiliated societies are key to our student community and it’s our mission to cultivate a thriving community of engaged students promoting physics in society for the benefit of all.

Societies can look forward to the following benefits:

  • affiliation grant: we provide £150 to contribute to your society’s activities
  • additional funding: for events that promote the wonder of physics and enable participants to gain experience and knowledge related to their studies and career aspirations. Additional grant funding of between £200-£1,000 can also be bid for
  • support: advice, signposting and our presence at your events
  • FUSE: the opportunity to attend the annual Forum of University Societies Events
  • network: join a growing community of university physics societies
  • trips: attend a range of networking events including trips to CERN, the UCL Mullard Space Science Laboratory and the annual society’s forum organised by us and a host university from our network
  • local community: involve your society in a broad range of outreach and engagement opportunities through the IOP’s student engagement work and local branch network

Affiliation for 2021-22

We are now affiliating societies for 2021-2. Submit your registration (see guidance notes below).

  • Once you have registered via the survey, we will review and process your application shortly afterwards and contact you by email. You will then receive further instructions on how to access support and resources and take part in society network activities.

Guidance notes for society affiliation

  • Society affiliation is open to student physics, astronomy, and related societies (eg SATS, SEDS, IPAQS, etc) in the UK and Ireland.
  • More than one society from a single university may affiliate, provided each can demonstrate clearly that the specific aims or membership of the society are sufficiently different from any other societies at the same university. Main examples are separate physics and astronomy societies as well as undergraduate and postgraduate societies. Other cases will be decided upon by the IOP.
  • In order to become affiliated, societies must complete the application form. Two named contacts must be given; please ensure contact details are correct. Both contacts must be individual student members of the IOP.
  • Affiliation is valid for one academic year beginning and concluding in autumn. Societies must re-affiliate each year. You can affiliate during the second or third term, but your affiliation will conclude at the beginning of the next academic year regardless. The society must contact us if either of the named contacts change.
  • Affiliation is a prerequisite to apply for additional funding.

Affiliated Society Framework 2021-22

A must-read guide for affiliated societies to unlock their potential and access IOP support this year.

Download the guide (PDF, 317KB)

Guidance on additional funding FAQs

We answer your queries about funding eligibility for IOP affiliated societies.

Read our FAQs (PDF, 57KB)

Contacts for additional funding applications

For more information on additional funding application guidelines and requirements, please email [email protected] or call: +44 (0) 20 7470 4917.

Affiliated societies

We are currently affiliating societies for 2021-22 and will add and then regularly update the list in due course.