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Optics and Photonics Prize

This prize is biennially awarded jointly with the Optical Group for:

  • an outstanding contribution to the optics and photonics community
  • work mainly carried out in the UK or Ireland



Professor Clare Elwell

University College London, UK.

Professor Elwell has performed outstanding work on functional near-infrared spectroscopy, having led the way in developing optical systems to monitor brain activity. She has also made contributions to multiple women in science initiatives and public engagement, including starting the Young Scientists for Africa charity.


Professor Azizur Rahman

City, University of London, UK.

Professor Rahman has made a pioneering contribution to finite element analysis and design of photonic devices.


Professor Miles Padgett

University of Glasgow, UK.

Professor Padgett is recognised for his studies in the field of optics and in particular of optical angular momentum.


Professor Maurice Skolnick

University of Sheffield, UK.

Professor Skolnick has performed outstanding work on coupled light-matter systems and quantum optical circuits based on semiconductor quantum dots.


Professor Phillip Dawson

University of Manchester, UK

Professor Dawson has made major contributions to the understanding of the optical properties of semiconductors, particularly materials based on gallium nitride, which are used for LED lighting.


Professor David Walker

Glyndwr University; University College London; Zeeko Ltd, UK.

Professor Walker has made an outstanding contribution through his work on astronomical optics, and for commercialising his university research to help produce an international optics-based manufacturing company.


Professor J Knight

University of Bath, UK.

Professor Knight has performed outstanding work on the development of photonic crystal fibres – new technologies for fibre design and fibre optics that have had diverse applications from healthcare to atomic physics.


Professor Ken Grattan

City, University London, UK.

Professor Grattan has made an outstanding contribution through his work on optical sensing.