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Bates Prize

This is awarded jointly by five groups, to an early career researcher for outstanding research, published within the previous five years, on a topic relevant to these IOP groups:

  • Quantum Optics, Quantum Information and Quantum Control
  • Atomic and Molecular Interactions
  • Molecular Physics
  • Quantum Electronics and Photonics
  • Plasma Physics

The prize is awarded in odd years to commemorate Sir David Bates FRS for pioneering studies of atomic and molecular processes and their role in atmospheric science, plasma physics and astronomy.


2021 Dr Rohit Chikkaraddy

2019 Dr Dermot Green

2017 James Millen 

2015 Janet Anders

2013 Jeremy O'Brien

2011 Matt Jones

2009 Mike Tarbutt

2006 J Brown

2005 J Tennyson

2004 Joachim Ulrich

2002 Philip G Burke

2000 Raymond Flannery