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qBIG Prize

Awarded to small and medium-sized companies working on taking quantum technology products or solutions to market. Includes a £10,000 cash prize.

The IOP quantum Business Innovation and Growth (qBIG) Prize, sponsored by Quantum Exponential, is awarded to small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) working on taking quantum technology products or solutions to market. The winner will receive a cash prize, mentoring, and access to the IOP Accelerator and business network.

About Quantum Exponential

Quantum Exponential is a first-of-its-kind, Aquis Stock Exchange (AQSE) Growth Market enterprise company, focused on opportunities in quantum technology and the wider quantum computing sector, with an advisory board made up of industry advisors, entrepreneurs, and technology investment professionals with broad access to quantum opportunities and markets.

Quantum Exponential’s investment strategy is to assemble a portfolio of minority investments in early-stage global quantum technology companies, primarily in NATO-allied countries, offering institutional and private investors access to revolutionising technologies and industries in the realms of artificial intelligence, manufacturing and healthcare.

Quantum Exponential trades on the AQSE Growth Market under the ticker symbol “QBIT”.

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To be eligible your company must:

  • have the ability to deliver an innovative product/solution that is either quantum-enabled or is for the quantum sector;
  • be an SME incorporated either in the UK or Ireland, with a sound business plan aiming for profit;
  • have market validation for the product, ideally with a customer;
  • have a plan showing how the prize money would add value to the organisation; and
  • have an intention to seek external equity funding in order to help accelerate the growth of the business.


The winning company will:

  • receive a £10,000 unrestricted cash prize;
  • receive 10 months’ mentoring from the Quantum Exponential team;
  • receive six months’ access to the IOP Accelerator;
  • gain access to IOP business support;
  • receive a digital trophy for use on marketing materials;
  • be invited to attend and exhibit at our annual IOP Business Innovation and Growth Showcase, providing an opportunity to network with funding agencies, key industry figures and policy-makers;
  • have your award-winning innovation highlighted in IOP marketing materials and social media networks; and
  • be invited to join the qBIG Group, making connections to help build an even stronger business.


The 2024 prize is now closed; applications for the 2025 prize will be open in the autumn.

The qBIG 2024 prize winner will be announced at the Economist’s 3rd annual Commercialising Quantum Global 2024 event, 5-6 June 2024 in London.

IOP members can register for free, please contact the Member Networks team for the complimentary registration link. Email: [email protected].


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