Printing and Graphics Science Group Student Presentation Prize

This prize is for the best oral and poster presentation at our annual student conference.

The prize is £50.

You can apply for this prize if you are:

  • a research student
  • at a university in the UK or Ireland
  • currently working towards a PhD or master’s degree
  • able to present your work at our annual student conference

Oral presentations are typically ten minutes. Previous topics have included:

  • flexographic
  • inkjet printing
  • ceramic manufacture
  • organic field-effect transistors in polymer layers
  • bioprinting

Presentations are invited from students and researchers at postgraduate level.

Abstracts should:

  • be a maximum of 200 words
  • explain the content of your 10-minute oral presentation and poster
  • outline research highlights to be presented to members of academia and industry

Abstracts are assessed by a group committee.

For more information, email [email protected] or [email protected].

Prize winners


Tanyaradzwa Mangoma

Tanyaradzwa Mangoma, University of Cambridge. For Additive Manufacturing of Memristic and Neuromorphic Devices.

Liesbeth Birchall

Liesbeth Birchall, University of Nottingham. For Reactive Inkjet of Quantum Dot – Silicone Composites.


  • Yaan Liu, University of Nottingham. For Additive Manufacture of 3D Metal-Polymer Nanocomposites by Simultaneous Multiphoton Polymerisation and Photoreduction.
  • Jack Hinton, University of Leeds. For Hybrid Additive Manufacturing of Precision Engineered Ceramic Components.


  • Morgan Miles, Swansea University. For The Science Behind Flexographic Printing Uniformity.
  • Tian Carey, Cambridge University. For Spray Coating of Thin Films on Three Dimentional Surfaces for a Graphene-based Capacitive Touch Device.


  • Beth Kazmierski, Durham University. For Inkjet Patterning onto Patterned Substrates.
  • Ashley Johns, Durham University. For Inkjet Printing of High-Molecular-Weight Polymers via Emulsions.


  • Sheida Faraji, The University of Manchester. For Low-voltage, Flexible Organic Transistors Using Novel Solution-Processed Nanocomposite Dielectrics.
  • Javier Ledesma Fernandez, University of Nottingham. For Jetting of Conductive Pastes for Printed Electronic Applications.