Early Career Physics Communicator Award

This prize is for people at the start of their journey with physics and physics-themed careers. We encourage all to apply for this and our ambition with this award is to support and encourage excellent communication and inspired engagement with physics themes.



The IOP Limit Less campaign is the inspiration for our Award for 2020/21: 

“Physics teaches young people to understand and solve complex problems. Not just on paper. Not just in theory. The kind of problems that exist everywhere in the world, waiting to be solved. There are no limits to what can be achieved with physics.” (IOP Limit Less) 

Everyone's journey into physics is different, and each one is a story worth telling. Perhaps there was a friend, a teacher, a chance meeting that set your direction, or a single moment when you decided that physics was for you? Maybe physics has given you a new outlook on life? Or perhaps you struggle against barriers to your career in the subject?

Whatever your story, we want you to share it. In up to 500 words, tell us something about your exploration of physics so far and how it has changed you or those around you. 

Your participation with this award and event includes: 

  • recognising the work of the winner, runners up and all entrants, 
  • supports networking opportunities for both finalists and entrants. 

We will select 40 essays for a “commissioning” award of £50, with the top three essays going forward to feature in the final and the chance to win the £250 top prize and certificate. The award presentation will feature all the finalists and a keynote speaker from the world of physics communication. 

To be nominated you will need to normally be resident in the UK or Ireland. You do not have to be a member of the IOP to apply for this award.  

We would like to promote your stories and publish them on our IOP website. For those entering please indicate on the submission if your name should be anonymous or if you prefer that your submission is not published. Entrants should be 18 or older or submissions should be entered by a responsible adult on behalf of young people under the age of 18.

Selection will be made by the Physics Communicators Group and an invited panel at the award event, in February 2021. Submit an entry now. The deadline is Thursday 18 February 2021 (EXTENDED).



Lána Salmon

University College Dublin. For highlighting opportunities in Irish physics, and making physics more exciting and accessible.


Jasmin Evans

University of Central Lancashire. For space science and astronomy outreach events with visually impaired children and adults. 


Niamh Kavanagh

University College Cork. For engaging wide audiences with physics. 


Dr Jessica Wade

For increasing recruitment and retention of women in science and outreach events for young women.