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Early Career Physics Communicator Award

A prize for people at the beginning of their journey with physics, celebrating excellent communication.

This prize is for people at the start of their journey with physics and physics-themed careers. We encourage all to apply for this and our ambition with this award is to support and encourage excellent communication and inspired engagement with physics themes.

As a special interest, member-driven group, the Physics Communicators Group promotes physics with networking, activities and public engagement. We aim to bring the physics communicators community together by supporting and promoting communication activities, sharing good communication practice, and offer opportunities to share information and resources.

Everyone’s engagement with physics is different, and those who work in physics communication are a diverse and broad range of people. We want to promote the sharing of best practice and celebrate the successes of our early career communicators.

How to enter

In up to 1,500 words, tell us what you think good physics communication is all about and your own communication success and achievements. We want to hear about your exploration of physics so far and how it has changed you or those around you.

Your submission should include:

  • a brief statement of the stage of your academic physics work or study;
  • a brief essay on what constitutes good practice in physics communication; and
  • a case study of your communication activities undertaken to encourage others in physics/the understanding of physics.

From the shortlisted entries, we will select one to win the £250 top prize and certificate. The winner will present an award lecture online, with finalists given honorary mentions and all entrants invited to attend.


Your participation with this award and event includes recognising the work of the winner and all entrants, and signals an intention to attend the award lecture online on Thursday 25 April 2024.

To be nominated you will need to normally be resident in the UK or Ireland. You do not have to be a member of the IOP to apply for this award. Entrants should be 18 or older or submissions should be entered by a responsible adult on behalf of young people under the age of 18.

How to apply

We are no longer accepting entries for 2024. The Physics Communicators Group is currently selecting a winner and the winner will be contacted by Friday 5 April 2024 ahead of the award lecture between 17.00-18.00 on Thursday 25 April 2024. Entrants are expected to be available to attend or present on this date.

Previous winners


Daisy Shearer

University of Surrey. For their work on neuroinclusion in physics, and communication of quantum physics topics in accessible ways.


Lána Salmon

University College Dublin. For highlighting opportunities in Irish physics, and making physics more exciting and accessible.


Jasmin Evans

University of Central Lancashire. For space science and astronomy outreach events with visually impaired children and adults.


Niamh Kavanagh

University College Cork. For engaging wide audiences with physics.


Dr Jessica Wade

For increasing recruitment and retention of women in science and outreach events for young women.