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Physics Communicators Group

This is an IOP special interest group, which is a community of IOP members focused on a particular discipline, application or area of interest. 

Special interest groups allow members to connect and share knowledge and ideas. The IOP funds groups to deliver a range of activities including events, prizes and bursaries. All of our groups are driven by members.  

About the group 

As a special interest, member-driven group, we promote physics with networking, activities and public engagement.

Our aims are to:

  • bring the community of physics communicators together, both amateur and professional, and work to expand our community
  • support members who run outreach and physics communication activities to help understanding and public engagement
  • identify, understand and share good practice for career professional development, workshops and mentoring
  • offer opportunities to share information and resources through networking, newsletters, conferences and meetings
  • promote and support physics communication with members, other IOP members, the IOP, other organisations, and the media

What the group does

We raise the profile of physics with high-quality events, activities and public engagement resources.

Joining an IOP special interest group

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For IOP members: Find out how to join a group

Group physics prize

Early Career Physics Communicator Award

This prize is for people at the start of their physics careers who organise activities to support and encourage excellent communication of physics.

Find out more about the Early Career Physics Communicator Award.

Group events

Find events for the Physics Communicators Group


Useful links

  • STEM Learning: creates opportunities to inspire young people in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
  • STEM Ambassador programme: brings scientists and young people together in the classroom. Find information about your area contact and how to get a free Disclosure and Barring (DBS) check to carry out ambassador activities. You can also sign up online.
  • Pythagoras’ Trousers: a radio show from the South Wales networks of the Institution of Engineering and Technology and Radio Cardiff. Each week, presenter Rhys Phillips looks at stories of interest from the worlds of science. There is also a link to podcasts of previous productions.
  • British Science Association: the UK's open membership organisation with resources for science communication. Sign up as a member, explore opportunities and keep in touch with national science communication and outreach events.
  • Engineering Maths Science and Technology Association: brings together professional institutions and individuals committed to promoting STEM in the east of England.
  • Science & Technology Facilities Council: includes the gateway to research funds for STFC-supported communication and outreach activities.
  • I'm a Scientist Get Me Out of Here: an X-factor-style competition where students talk to scientists online for two weeks and vote for their favourite scientist, in a nail-biting science show down.
  • Cafe Scientifique: for the price of a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, you can explore the latest ideas in science and technology. The events happen all over the country and are a great way to communicate your science to a friendly public audience. Find your local Cafe Scientifique to discover if it’s the communication opportunity for you. Email: [email protected]

Committee and contacts

Chair Dr John Bruun, CPhys MInstP
Secretary Mr Jonathan Pugh, MInstP
Treasurer Mrs Katren Bishop, CPhys MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Rachel Edwards, MInstP
Ordinary Member Mr Andrew Hanson, MBE CPhys MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr James Lees, MInstP
Ordinary Member Mr Joshua Macholl, MInstP
Ordinary Member Mr Alexander McDowell, CPhys MInstP
Ordinary Member Mr Robin Morris, CPhys FInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Vincent Smith, MBE FInstP
Early Career Physicist Dr Nicola Townsend-Amit, MInstP

Early Career Researchers Fund

For researchers at the start of their careers to attend international meetings and facilities. 

Find out more about the fund