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Bob Chivers Prize in Physical Acoustics

This annual prize promotes research in physical acoustics by recognising the best paper by a PhD student at a UK university.

The prize is £250 and a certificate.

The research on physical acoustics can include but is not limited to:

  • sonar
  • ultrasonics
  • seismic waves
  • room acoustics
  • non-destructive testing

To be considered papers must:

  • have been accepted for publication
  • be publicly accessible (in electronic form or on paper) by 31 May of the year of the award

Email nominations and enquiries to Dr Peter Huthwaite:
[email protected].



Luke Cox

Acoustic Lock: Position and orientation trapping of non-spherical sub-wavelength particles in mid-air using a single-axis acoustic levitator.


Michael Brown

Design of multi-frequency acoustic kinoforms.


Dr Asier Marzo et al

For research on holographic acoustic elements for manipulation of levitated objects. 


Anton van Pamel

For research on finite element modelling of elastic wave scattering in a polycrystalline material in 2D and 3D.


Bo Lan

For research on experimental and computational studies of ultrasound wave propagation in hexagonal close-packed polycrystals for texture detection.


Gim Hwa Chua

For research on the use of clicks resembling those of the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) to improve target discrimination in bubbly water with biased pulse summation sonar.


Dr Xiaoyu Xi

For research on collective bubble dynamics near a surface in a weak acoustic standing wave field.


Dr Pierre Gelat

For modelling of the acoustic field of a multi-element HIFU array scattered by human ribs.


Dr David (Zheng) Fan

For research on elastic waves guided by a welded joint in a plate.


Dr Marco Morbidini

For research on prediction of the thermosonic signal from fatigue cracks in metals using vibration-damping measurements.


Dr Christopher Lowis

For determining the strength of rotating broadband sources in ducts by inverse methods.