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Particle Accelerators and Beams Group

This is an IOP special interest group, which is a community of IOP members focused on a particular discipline, application or area of interest. 

Special interest groups allow members to connect and share knowledge and ideas. The IOP funds groups to deliver a range of activities including events, prizes and bursaries. All of our groups are driven by members.  

About the group

As a special interest, member-driven group, we promote the professional profile of physicists working in the field of particle accelerators.

Our interests include:

  • pulsed power
  • circular colliders
  • radio-frequency systems
  • instrumentation for accelerators
  • particle sources for accelerators
  • high-energy hadron accelerators
  • advanced concepts for accelerators
  • control systems and accelerator operation
  • accelerator technology, including magnets
  • beam dynamics, including electrodynamics
  • applications of accelerators, especially medical and industrial
  • lepton accelerators, both electron and muon/neutrino
  • synchrotron radiation light sources, including free-electron lasers
  • low-energy accelerators, including electrostatic, linear, and cyclotron accelerators

What the group does

We promote the professional profile of physicists working in the field of particle accelerators. We do this with/by:

  • events
  • publicity
  • outreach
  • recognising academics

Joining an IOP special interest group

For non-IOP members: Become a member now

For IOP members: Find out how to join a group

Group prizes

We have two prizes that recognise contributions to particle accelerators and beams:

  • student posters awarded at our annual meeting
  • outstanding individual contributions to the field

Student and Early Career Scientists Poster Prize

We award prizes for outstanding student posters at our annual meeting. The prizes are £50.

Posters can be presented by an individual student or in collaboration. Students attend the session to answer questions from the panel.

The prize is judged by a panel of at least two eminent scientists in the field, nominated by the group committee that considers:

  • clarity of aims
  • balance between text and figures
  • logical drawing of conclusions

Email [email protected] to learn more.

Prize for Outstanding Professional Contributions

This annual prize recognises someone who has contributed to accelerator science and technology in the UK or Ireland and raised its public profile.

Find out more about the Prize for Outstanding Professional Contributions.

Physics resources

High Performance Computing for Discovery at Accelerator Facilities, 27 April 2017

Download the presentation (PDF, 8MB) that includes discussion on:

  • codes and interface
  • physics problems to solve
  • numerical problems to solve

Group events

Find events for the Particle Accelerators and Beams Group


We publish a biannual newsletter and encourage members to publicise items of interest to the community.

Useful links

Links to UK accelerator centres:

Committee and contacts

Chair Dr Melissa Uchida, MInstP
Secretary Dr Stephen Gibson, MInstP
Treasurer Dr Glenn Christian, MInstP
Ordinary Member Mrs Hayley Cavanagh, CPhys MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Tessa Charles, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Kay Dewhurst, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr David Dunning, MInstP
Ordinary Member Mr Malik Salaam, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Andrew Smith, MInstP