Liquids and Complex Fluids Group

This is an IOP special interest group, which is a community of IOP members focused on a particular discipline, application or area of interest. 

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About the group

As a special interest, member-driven group, we are interested in structure and dynamics from microscopic to mesoscopic, and macroscopic length scales. Our work encompasses systems that range from ʽsimpleʼ liquids to complex fluids and soft materials. These include:

  • polymers
  • emulsions
  • gels
  • foams
  • colloids
  • liquid crystals

We also look at their biological counterparts. 

We make advances in physics research on the liquid state of:

  • matter
  • complex fluids
  • soft condensed matter 

We do this by collaborating with theorists, experimentalists and computer simulators.

We enjoy close links with the:

What the group does

Topics we cover include:

  • liquid mixtures and solvation phenomena
  • liquids and glasses under extreme conditions
  • confined liquids and fluids at interfaces
  • the glass transition and arrested states of matter (including the structure of glasses and amorphous solids)
  • crystal growth in liquids
  • self-assembly from solution

This interdisciplinary field has industrial links to:

  • pharmacology 
  • petroleum and plastics
  • food 
  • personal care 

Physicists are interested in the physical realisation of ideal model systems working with:

  • statistical mechanics
  • liquids
  • elasticity
  • flow behaviour and rheology
  • non-equilibrium phenomena

Liquids and complex fluids are poorly addressed in the traditional undergraduate curriculum. We inform postgraduate education, in graduate schools working across disciplines, for example. 

We also develop new instrumentation and sophisticated data interpretation tools for work on liquids and complex fluids in UK supported X-ray and neutron sources. 

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Group physics prize

Liquids and Complex Fluids Early Career Award

This prize is awarded biennially to an exceptional scientist, in the early stages of their career, working in the broadly defined area of Liquids and Complex Fluids.

Find out more about the Liquids and Complex Fluids Early Career Award, including past winners

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Committee and contacts

Chair Professor Serafim Kalliadasis, FInstP
Secretary Dr Lorenzo Di Michele, MInstP
Treasurer Dr Sergey Lishchuk, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr David Buzza, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Buddhapriya Chakrabarti, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Alexander de Bruin, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Rammile Ettelaie, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Timm Krueger, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Cesar Mendoza-Fernandez, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Natasha Rhys, MInstP
Ordinary Member Dr Manlio Tassieri, MInstP
Co-opted member Professor Tanniemola Liverpool, CPhys MInstP
Early Career Physicist Miss Tunrayo Adeleke-Larodo, MInstP