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Instrumentation and measurement

Instrument Science and Technology Group

This is an IOP special interest group, which is a community of IOP members focused on a particular discipline, application or area of interest. 

Special interest groups allow members to connect and share knowledge and ideas. The IOP funds groups to deliver a range of activities including events, prizes and bursaries. All of our groups are driven by members.  

    About the group

    As a special interest, member-driven group, we promote the exchange of ideas and physics research in all aspects of instrumentation for physicists working in:

    • industry
    • universities
    • health services
    • government establishments

    The variety and complexity of modern instrumentation and integrated measurement systems continues to advance. There is a need to maintain a co-ordinated review.

    Our role is to build a wider understanding of the underlying physics of instrumentation techniques, together with their practical considerations.

    We also aim to keep the instrumentation community aware of recent developments in the fields of:

    • instrumentation
    • signal processing
    • measurement
    • standards and control

    What the group does

    Sensor technology

    Our main focus is sensors, particularly the physical principles underpinning new sensor technologies. We bring new ideas and physics research in this field promptly to members' attention. We usually do this by organising topical short meetings or conferences.

    We also make sure that that the potential for new ideas and sensor physics research in a range of applications is recognised and explored.

    Physics and industry

    We are particularly interested in industrial physicists and welcome new members from industry. Several of our committee members, as well as much of our broader membership, are drawn from industry and represent small as well as better-known companies.

    Joining an IOP special interest group

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    Group events

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    Newsletter and physics publications

    We have close links with the IOP's journal of Measurement Science and Technology, and contribute to the editorial board. Our news on activities is published regularly. We also encourage participants in our meetings to submit contributions to Measurement Science and Technology.

    Our newsletter tells members about meetings. It also invites suggestions for group activities.

    Committee and contacts

    Chair Professor Debabrata Goswami, FInstP
    Secretary Dr Alexandru Boboc, CEng CPhys MinstP
    Treasurer Dr Darren Graham, MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Waris Ali, MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Martin Goodchild, CPhys MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Ruchi Gupta, MInstP
    Ordinary Member Miss Raheema Hafeji
    Ordinary Member Dr Adam Hoare, CPhys MInstP
    Ordinary Member Mr Kenneth Jones, CSci CPhys MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr James Uhomoibhi, CPhys MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Paul Wright, MInstP
    Ordinary Member Dr Steve Wai Yin, MUNG FInstP