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High Energy Particle Physics Science in Society Prize

This prize is for an early career researcher who has made an outstanding contribution to outreach in particle physics. 

The prize is a certificate.

The prize is awarded to an early career researcher for outstanding contributions to outreach in particle physics. The prize is a certificate.

Nominees will:

  • have worked for less than 12 years since the award of first degree (excluding career breaks);
  • have carried out work while funded by a UK/Ireland institution;
  • give consent to be nominated; and
  • not be a member of the High Energy Particle Physics Group committee.

Nominations should comprise a summary case of up to two pages, together with major citation evidence (where relevant) and may include up to two letters of support for the candidate.

Nominations are now open and should be sent to the group’s Honorary Secretary, Tracey Berry: [email protected].

Nominations close at 17.00 on Monday 1 April 2024.



Kirsty Duffy

For exceptional public engagement in neutrino physics.


Linda Cremonesi

For her passionate promotion of science to a diverse audience across many different forms of media.


Dr Suzie Sheehy

For outstanding public engagement in accelerator science and particle physics.


Harry Cliff

For his work as curator and head of content for the successful Collider exhibition and other outreach work with the Science Museum, CERN, and the Cavendish Laboratory.


Tom Whyntie

For his work establishing nationwide the CERN@school programme, which has brought CERN technology into the classroom.


Alan Walker

For outreach reaching over 100,000 people through a variety of exhibitions, public events and talks.


Ben Still

For public engagement through blogs, art collaborations and school outreach, particularly in the field of neutrino physics.


Mark Stockton

For his work on developing the MINERvA package for International Masterclasses.


Brian Cox

For publicising particle physics in the popular media, particularly on BBC TV and radio programmes.

The prize was not awarded in 2017, 2019, 2020 and 2021.