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High Energy Particle Physics Group Prize

This prize is awarded to an early career researcher for outstanding contributions to particle physics research. 

The prize is awarded to an early career researcher for outstanding contributions to particle physics research. The prize is a certificate.

Nominees will:

  • have worked for less than 12 years since the award of first degree (excluding career breaks);
  • have carried out work while funded by a UK/Ireland institution;
  • give consent to be nominated; and
  • not be a member of the High Energy Particle Physics Group committee.

Nominations should comprise a summary case of up to two pages, together with major citation evidence (where relevant) and may include up to two letters of support for the candidate.

Nominations are now open and should be sent to the group’s Honorary Secretary, Tracey Berry: [email protected].

Nominations close at 17.00 on Monday 1 April 2024.



Dr Sarah Williams MInstP

For leadership and international representation of the UK HEP physics early-career researcher community.


Jonas Lindert

For outstanding contributions towards precision simulation of collider physics processes.


Josh McFayden

For his contributions to electroweak physics at the Large Hadron Collider.


Paula Alvarez

For her contributions to flavour physics.


Rebecca Chislett

For her leadership in data analysis and in muon experiments.


Asher Kaboth

For his leadership in experimental and analytical methods in neutrino and dark-matter physics.


Dr Marco Gersabeck

For his leadership in the area of charmed meson physics.


Dr Sarah Malik

For her pioneering role in dark-matter searches at colliders.


Tom Blake

For his leadership in the study of rare B-meson decays and lepton universality violation and other measurements at the LHCb (the Large Hadron Collider beauty experiment).


Justin Evans

For his contributions to world-leading neutrino oscillation measurements at MINOS.


Jeff Hartnell

For his contributions to neutrino physics.


Christian Schwanenberger

For his contributions to top quark physics at the Tevatron.


Chris Lester

For developing SUSY analysis techniques for the Large Hadron Collider.


Chris Parkes

For his wide-ranging software, hardware and analysis achievements in particle physics.