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Environmental Physics Group annual essay competition

Our annual essay competition recognises excellence in communicating the significance, value and rewards of engaging with environmental physics.

Entries can cover any aspect of environmental physics including but not limited to:

  • waste
  • energy
  • hydrology
  • plant physics
  • the built environment
  • atmosphere and climate

The competition is open to IOP members and non-members and entries from students are particularly welcome.

Essays are judged on writing quality and content. They should be:

  • original
  • accessible
  • in the region of 2,000 words, although there is no strict word limit*

*Note: The expectation is less for younger participants who are in the secondary school age group.

Essay content can be purely scientific or adopt a policy-related or other perspective.

Include a short biography with your current education level and a few sentences about your interest in environmental physics.

Collaborative entries are welcome if the contributing authors are clearly identified in the entry and biographies.


Email your entry to: [email protected].

Post your entry to:

Environmental Physics Group Chair (Essay Competition)
c/o Science Support Officer
The Institute of Physics
37 Caledonian Rd
London N1 9BU

Read the current newsletter (PDF, 534KB) for more on the essay competition.



Secondary category

Rose McGown
Cracking the climate system: The difficulties of modelling fluid flow

Runner up

Laura Machin
Management of Radioactive waste from Nuclear Fission and Fusion Technologies